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  • Blizzard Bag Day 3 Option

    We are going to be discussing the Gas Laws which is chapter 11 next.  Most of this chapter is a review of what we did in 9th grade Science, how ever there are new topics and we will be going into more depth.  I would like you to read the section 'Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures' on pages 365 and 366.  This includes 'Gases Collected by Water Displacement'.   Than answer the Practice question 1 on pg 367 (not the section review question but the practice question).  Also review the combined gas law on pg 374, and do practice question 2.  The answers are in appendix E; however show all work.   Do not forget about unit conversion.

  • Blizzard Bag Day 1 Specific Option

    I have a video from Kahn Academy under teh Videos folder.  It covers Limiting Reagent and Percent yield.  Once you have watched the video do the Limiting Reagent Practice Problem 1(which is also in the Video folder). 

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