Graduation Requirement

ODE Physical Education Requirements:

     What is the graduation requirement? 
Students need one-half unit, or credit, in physical education as one curriculum requirement for an Ohio high school diploma.
All physical education courses require a minimum of 120 hours of course instruction to earn one-half unit of credit.  

     Exemption Policy:
School districts may adopt a policy to exempt students who participate:
1) Two full seasons in: Interscholastic athletics Marching band Cheerleading; or
2) Two full years in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

     How do students make up the one-half credit needed for graduation?
Excused students must take another course, which cannot be a physical education course. This course must be at least 60 hours and can count as an elective.
One-half unit of physical education requires a minimum of 120 hours of instruction; one-half unit in all other curricular areas requires a minimum of 60 hours of instruction.
Students may use a JROTC program to qualify for the physical education exemption. The credit for that participation does satisfy the requirement to complete one-half unit in another course of study.