6-8 Expectations

6-8 Team Expectations


Listed below are some expectations that the 6-8 Team have of our students, their behavior and their participation in the learning process...

Field Trip and In-School Activity Participation:
Listed below are the criteria that we consider when looking at an individual's participation on a field trip or in a school activity. If the student meets these criteria, we are not signing permission slips for them to attend field trips and will pull them participating in special activities that take place during school hours. We apologize if this causes inconvenience, but we are trying to ensure that these students are taking accountability for their learning and are trying to help them transition to high school classes more easily.
        1. 2 or more F's
        2. Excessive absences (on average at least one a week)
        3. Missing work
Classroom Preparedness:
We fully expect students to come to class with required materials. These materials include the subject binder, writing utensils, textbooks and additional supplies required by the subject teacher. The students will be limited on locker passes so they must start taking responsibility to bring needed materials with them to class before the tardy bell rings. Agendas will be brought to class and will be utilized by the students to write down their assignments as part of taking ownership of their learning.
Homework Completion:
Homework is an extension of material covered in class. It is often given as a way to review information presented in class so it is our expectation that students will do the work when it is assigned. These assignments should reflect the students' understanding of the subject so the students should be completing the work. If caught cheating off another students' work, the district's rules will be applied. If homework is turned in late, the assignment will not be given full credit and credit given will be determined by the individual teacher.
Hall/Restroom Passes:
Beginning the second nine weeks, we will be implementing an 8 pass rule for each student. At these grade levels, we see an excessive number of students not utilizing their time between classes, instead waiting until class begins to want to use the restroom or go to their lockers. To decrease the amount of class time lost, each student will be given 2 passes from each teacher to use. The students will choose how to use these passes, making them prioritize what is considered an emergency. Once the passes have been used for a teacher's classroom, the student will be expected to continue using time between classes wisely.
Personal Responsibility:
As they enter the middle school age, we are transitioning the students to a more rigorous high school setting. As such, the students are asked to take responsibility for their learning and their actions. We are providing them with the tools they need to succeed, but the students must choose how they will use those tools. The students are expected to become their own advocates and seek out assistance when they don't understand something. We also, at this grade level, intend for the student to make use of their agendas for maintaining assignments. Parents are encouraged to check it on a daily basis to verify assignments given.
Time Management:
At this grade level, the students should be trying to better develop their time management skills. It is our expectation that students make good choices and use study hall and classtime wisely to get assignments done. If we see that a student is not using their time effectively, we are reserving the right to pull them from extracurriculars, limit their iPad use, move them to small group settings in our rooms and issue lunch detentions to ensure that the students use their time more productively. Time management is a skill the students will need to develop and master prior to moving into high school classes, as well as in their post-graduate life. This is a skill that they can practice at home as well.