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Elementary Principal

Karen McRill



Colleges: Taylor University (undergrad), Walden University (graduate), and U.D (administrative license).

Family: I am married to Mike McRill, a proud graduate of Fairlawn. He is a police officer in Sidney. We have a daughter who is 16 and had a son named Matthew, who passed away in October of 2004.

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, Ohio

High School: Newton

Years in Education: 28

What you taught before Administration: I taught Special Education for 22 years (in Troy City Schools and in Sidney City Schools) and then was the Transition to Work Coordinator for four years.

Favorite Foods: Mexican food and ice cream

Favorite Movies: Top Gun/Star Trek movies

Favorite Musical Artists: Any Contemporary Christian Artists/Jim Brinkman/Pink Floyd

Something you’d be surprised about me: I love to see animal heads hanging on walls. My hope is to one day either have a bear or moose head in my house.

Philosophy on Education: I firmly believe that all students can succeed if they are encouraged to use their own learning styles. I also believe that all will thrive and grow if taught in a positive environment. Children need to believe that they are worthwhile and that they are loved; then, and only then, will they succeed.

Why Fairlawn is Ohio’s best district:

I grew up in Pleasant Hill, so being around farmers, peers who worked many jobs, and students who lived for FFA and FHA, was a part of everyday living. In my first month at Fairlawn, I have talked to kids who love to hunt and fish, I have listened to conversations about feeding cattle and chickens before school, and I have been amazed at the students who work very hard in school and out…and I truly feel for the first time in twenty-seven years in education that I have made it back home. And wow, what an awesome feeling that is.

Fairlawn is definitely a place where family values and a strong work ethic are encouraged. It is definitely a district where families will continue to send children both now and in the future.