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  • Week of 5/11

    Your plants need to be picked up in the Green House.  They are ready and I do not believe we will are done with the the sub freezing temperatures (but this is Ohio so you never know for sure).  It will be reasonably safe to plant you plants this week. 

  • Week of 4/20

    This is Earth Day Week.  Wednesday the 22nd is Earth Day.  Lets celebrate how the Earth was made by watching a You Tube video on How Earth Formed.  The link is on the Files and links portion of this web page.  As you are watching, I would like you to jot down the 15 most significant events you observe.  There is no correct answer here, but you should identify events through out the video.  Please email me a picture of your notes when you are done.  

  • Week of April 13

    We are starting an new project this week.  I want you to find a tree that is close to your home and mark a branch on that tree.  Use string or a twist tie or something that will help you to identify the branch you are looking at.  I want you to take a picture of that branch (the same part) every day so you can monitor the new growth that is occurring every day.I also want you to start researching the difference between angiosperms (flowering plants) and gymnosperms (pine trees).  Look for types of angiosperms and gymnosperms that live in our area. 

  • Week of 3/30

    I need you to email me so we can discuss your assignment for this week.  I also need to know the progress you have been making on your Projects.  

  • Blizzard Bag Day 2 and 3

    If you are able to get your airplanes at the established times, you may continue working on that project.  I will have the extra wood, sand paper and rubber bands out on my tables.  If you are unable to get your air planes you can work on either you scratch or tinkercad projects.  Please email me what you are working on so that I can give direction and suggestions for your projects.  

  • Blizzard Bag Day 1

    As a group we were unable to get our airplanes to hit the middle of the cafeteria. Our airplanes were unable to fly for that distance.  I would like you to research 2 new airplane designs that are specifically designed to fly straight.  We will be trying to make these new designs in class on Friday.

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