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  • Week of 5/11

    We have a test on Friday.  It will be at 1:00.  If must log into edcite to take the test.  There is only a small time window for the test.  If you can not take it at 1:00 on Friday you need to contact me to figure out a different time.  All grades are due next week, so I do not have time to grade your tests (and my other classes tests next week, so it is imperative you take your test this week.


    I have notes up for ch 16 sec 2 which is about the relationship between Energy and Entropy (similar words so pay close attention to their meanings).  


    I also have a test review for you on the files /links portion of this web page.  We will have our video meeting on wed at 1:00.  

  • Week of 5/4

    In the Files/Links portion of this web page there is a Ch 16 vid and a Hess/s Law WS.  The video is 45 min long, so I would advise doing it in two sessions.  The Hess's Law portion is the more complicated portion.  You might also want to look in the book about how to solve Hess's Law problems.  There are also many You tube Videos and Kahn Academny resources for this topic.   The Video meet in Teams on Wed an 1:00 will be to discuss the Hess's Law problems. 

  • Week of 4/27

    Since we will not be able to have the chem demo for our elementary this year like normal we are going to do it virtually.  I need you to look at what demonstrations you are going to present and try to determine if you have the materials in your house.  If you do not you may need to research another experiment.  We will discuss our projects in the teams meet on Wed at 1:00.  The idea is to take a short video of your project, should be less than 2 min.  You need to be able to conduct your experiment and explain what is going on in those two min.  I would like to have the video so we can post them by Friday.  If you need to talk through your project before wed, let me know and we can meet in teams to discuss.  

  • Week of 4/20

    We have a test on Friday at 1:00.


    The test will be on edcite like the last one.  Again you will have an hour to complete the test.  I have a review on the files and links portion of this webpage.  I will also have a review meet on teams Wednesday 4/22 at 1:00.  

  • Week of 4/13

    I have the video for Chapter 17 sec 2 on the files and links portion of this web site.  The video is also on my teams site but the sound does not come through properly, so use the file here.  This is a long video and it is over a topic that is confusing to some, so take your time watching the video and I would advise doing it in two sessions.  Please make sure you have a handle (at least a working foundation) of identifying the rate law (second half of the video) of a reaction before we do our video session on Wednesday at 1:00.  I will clear up any questions you have during this video session.  Also have your book handy for this video session so we can all look at the same things.  We will have our test over Reaction Kinetics (this chapter) Next week.

  • Week of 4/6

    This is Spring Break Week, so we only have school Monday through Wed.  Also next week will not start until Tuesday.  There was an issue with loading this weeks information to this site so all information is in TEAMS.  I will post the activity here, but since I have it in TEAMS you should be able to submit it in TEAMS.    

  • Week of 3/30

    I would like to meet on Wednesday on Teams on Wednesday at 10:00 for CCP Chemistry and 10:45 for General Chemistry.  Remember you get credit for attending these meetings.  

    I have a video up on Reaction Rates, and a worksheet that I would like you to watch and start before we meet on Wed.  I saved this video as a Power Point Presentation so it should load faster on your computers.  You need to play the video in order to get the information I added and to understand the ink that is on the slides.  This is the foundational  we will be using over the next 3 chapters.  Pleas answer the questions at the end of the notes and send them to me.  Also work on the worksheet so I can answer any questions you have on this information.



  • Test Acid Base and Titration 3/26

    Your Test is available in edcite starting at 11:00.  I would have your formulas ready before you start the test.  I enabled a graphing calculator in edcite so you all should be able to use that tool. 

  • Week of 3/23

    I have a review for the test titled Acid, base and Titration up for the Test on Friday.   I would like to have a review session on Wednesday in Teams to review for the test and answer any questions.  In order to make it as efficient as possible I will do two meetings, one for the CCP class and one for the General Chemistry class, (this will keep the numbers from being to large and allowing every to ask questions,)  Both meetings will be recorded and posted so if you can not make you will still have access to the Information.   I will set up the CCP meeting for 2:00 on Wed.  and the General Chemistry for 2:30.  Feel free to email me or use teams to video chat if you have any questions.  

    The test will be through edcite, so you need to log into edcite (or make a new account) and use this class code to join.   Please do this soon so I know you can get in before Friday.   CLass Code : XVWJN

  • Thur 3/19

    I have a video up on the files and links portion of the web page titled Titration Notes.  Watch this video and take notes. More Importantly: I want to try and video chat with you on Friday at 10:00 am.  You have access to microsoft teams through your school account and a class is set up for you there.  To download this you need to go to teams.microsoft.com or the app store to download and then you login using your school account.  I am hopeful this will work for us.  There is a camera and microphone option, which you can turn on and off however it is defaulted to on, just for your information.  Pleas let me know if you have an questions.

  • Wed 3/18

    For today's Assignment, I want you to check Progress Book and Make sure you have all of your labs and current assignments turned in.  If you need something email me so I can get you the information.  I have assignments with out names on them, maybe they are yours.  

  • Blizzard Bag Day 2 and 3

    I am still planning on having a science demonstration day for the elementary the last week of school.  You will be working individually to demonstrate a science concept to younger students.  Your experiment needs to be repeatable, you will conduct it 10-15 times a session for 6 sessions. So you need to follow these guidelines.

    1) It must be safe. No toxic chemicals or dangerous dangerous demonstrations.

    2) Must have a quick presentation, each experiment needs to be show and discussed in 2 to 5 min.   

    3) Has to be inexpensive, you may be conducting this experiment 60 times, so materials can not be expensive to purchase.

    4) You need to be able to explain what is occurring.

    5) I need to approve all demonstrations.


    Find 2 or 3 demonstrations, and if you have the materials around your house try it out, but I am not asking you to go out and purchase these materials.  I will provide the materials necessary for the demonstration show.  Chances are I already have them at school.  


    Send me a list of the materials you need for this project.


    Have fun with this and remember, the elementary students look up to you and love to listen to you. 

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