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  • Week of 5/11

    We have a test on Friday.  It will be at 10:00.   You must log into edcite to take the test.  There is only a small time window for the test.  If you can not take it at 10:00 on Friday you need to contact me to figure out a different time.  All grades are due next week, so I do not have time to grade your tests (and my other classes tests next week, so it is imperative you take your test this week.


    There is a Test review up on the files / links portion of this web page.  We will also have our video meeting on Wed at 10 to go over the review.  Bring your questions.

  • Week of 5/4

    On the Files/Links portion of the web page are the notes for Ch 14 section 3 and the Homework for this section (IMA, AMA, and efficiency).  The Homework has a lot of images so it is 12-14 pages long, I would not print it off but answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.  We will have a Teams meet on Wed at 10:00.

  • Week of 4/27

    There are notes for Ch 14 sec 1 and a homework sheet titled Work and Power in the files and links portion of this web page.  We will again have a meet in Teams on Wed, at 10:00.  Many of you missed the test last Friday.  You need to contact me for the retake.

  • Week of 4/20

    There is a test on Friday!!!  The test will be through edcite and it will be at 10:00 on Friday April 24th.  If you have not already made an edcite account you need to and sign into the class using the class code of B8YG9.  I have a review (Newton's Laws test Review) on the files and links portion on this web site.  There will also be a video session for any questions about the test or the review on Wednesday 4/22 at 10:00.  If you missed last weeks meeting you need to watch the session on my teams site.  It covers how to solve momentum problems when you have more than one object.  Most students have not completed the inertia video, that still needs to be completed.  

  • Week of 4/13

    I tried uploading my presentation Videos to the Teams account and there is a file there, but it does not handle the sound very well.  The video for this week is under the Likes and Files section and is titled Ch 12 sec 3.  The homework for this section is on the teams site under Files.  We are fast approaching a test for this unit, which will be next Thursday.  On Wednesday of this week we will have a video session at 10:00 to answer any homework questions. 

  • Week of 4/6

    This is Spring Break Week, so we only have school Monday through Wed.  Also next week will not start until Tuesday.  There was an issue with loading this weeks information to this site so all information is in TEAMS.  I will post the activity here, but since I have it in TEAMS you should be able to submit it in TEAMS.  

  • Wed 4/1

    I would like you to make a short video, Max length of 2 min, that explains what inertia is.  Your target audience is an elementary student.  Make sure your video has language (Words) that a younger audience would understand,  For example do not use the word Force without explaining what it is.  Make sure your video is safe, do not throw a sharp object at your cat (as an extreme example) or a dull object, or any object.  Try and be creative in your video; however, the important part is the information so make sure you have the proper information.  If you have any questions email me.  

  • Week of 3/30

    There are video notes available titled Ch 12 sec 2.  There are questions at the end of this video I would like you to send me answers to.  I posted this video as a Power Point presentation so you need to play the presentation to get the information I have added.  I would like to do a video meeting on Tuesday (3/31) at 10:00 and 10:45 like we did last week.   10:00 will be 1st period, and 10:45 will be second period.  You will get credit for attending these meetings.  There is a worksheet that I would like you to open and view before we meet on Tuesday.  I will also have a challenge for you to complete on Wednesday.  

  • Week of 3/23

    I have a video up titled Friction and Gravity that covers the rest of section 1 in this chapter. Just like the last video there are questions at the end of the video I would like you to send to me through email.  On Wednesday starting at 10:00 I would like to have a Video conference with you to discuss how to draw Force Vectors and how we add Force vectors.  I would like students who are in my 1st period class to sign in at 10:00 and students who are in my second period class to sign in at 10:45.  I do not believe these sessions will last 45 min, but I want to be able to answer questions while we are going over it.  In order to do this you need to have Microsoft Teams on your phone or computer.  You can access this by searching in the app store or by going to teams.microsoft.com and down loading it. The program is already part of your Microsoft 365 account so you log in by using your school username and password.  This will also allow us to have an easier way to turn in assignments.  I will record these sessions and post them if you are unable to attend the meeting.    

  • Thursday 3/19 and Friday 3/20

    I have a forces video up on the files and downloads portion of this page.  Watch the Video titled Forces and then work on the phet activity for forces.  There is a link to the web page on the phet worksheet link.

  • Wed 3/18

    For today's Assignment, I want you to check Progress Book and Make sure you have all of your labs and current assignments turned in.  If you need something email me so I can get you the information.  I have assignments with out names on them, maybe they are yours.  

  • Blizzard Bag Day 2 and 3

    I have the test for Velocity and Acceleration on the files and links section of the web page.  It is titled Blizzard Bag day 2 and 3 test.  This is a 50 point Homework assignment and it will go on this nine weeks.  This can be used to help improve your grade.  It is classified as a test but it will go in as homework grade.  Since it is an assignment you may use other sources (like your notes) and take the time you need to finish it.  Since it goes on this nine weeks you need to have it back to me by Friday so I have time to grade it this weekend. 

  • Blizzard Bag Day 1 Specific Option

    Under the Files and Links section there aer two Videos.  One is the Miliken Oil Drop experiment and the other is J.J. Thomson Cathode ray tube video.  Watch both videos and take notes.  Turn in the notes for the assignment.  We will discuss these experiments on Friday, so having a understanding of what occured is helpful.  

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